The thickness of laminate flooring is mainly 2 types: 8mm and 12mm. Both of them have their own advantages. Buyers can make a decision after learning their characteristic. There are no essential difference between the 2 thickness.

8mm vs 12mm

Thermal Conductivity

8mm is better than 12mm since 8mm laminate is thinner.

Foot Feel

12mm is better than 8mm as 12mm is thicker and offers more firmness.


There is less noise when people step on 12mm. Laminate Flooring. The thinner, the more floating. And more floating results in more noise. Attached underlayment or Silent Blue Soundproofing can reduce most of the noise.


Many types of 12mm laminate offers hardwood like appearance such as painted V groove and pressed V groove and hand scraped surface which makes your home look more valuable.


12mm is more expensive than 8mm, the most popular type, due to its thickness.

At JV Wood Floors, we offer both 8mm and 12mm laminate flooring. If you want to learn more about laminate flooring, click here. We are the only licensed and insured company offering $1.99/SF.



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